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Welcome to Jekyll!

Aug 29, 2021

Highlights in the second release of Antarctica

Antarctica 0.2 Is Released

May 10, 2022

My random thoughts on the first release of this theme

Antarctica 0.1 Is Released

Aug 26, 2021

An overview of this theme, including highlights and instructions of use

Theme Antarctica

Aug 25, 2021

Show the usage of lists, quotes, images and other functions in Markdown

An Exhibit of Markdown

Dec 05, 2018

Show more advanced features including code blocks and tables in Markdown

Quick Markdown Example

Jun 10, 2017

Demonstration of some formats for a post

Post Content Styles Demonstration

May 20, 2017

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My Example Post

Aug 12, 2016

Another demonstration of some features of Markdown

Another Test Markdown

Jan 01, 2016

Demonstration of some features of Markdown

Test Markdown

Feb 28, 2015

Eyecatcher is a picture to be displayed in the post preview and on top of the post. If it is not set, there will be a placeholder with the same pattern as the page background in the preview, while nothing will be on top of the post.

Post without An Eyecatcher

Feb 28, 2015

A three.js demo to visualize high-dimensional geometries like hypercubes.

Visualization of Hyper Geometries

Jun 15, 2019

Tiny Breakout Board for CH551G/CH552G/CH554G 8-bit MCUs.

CH55xG Tiny

Mar 17, 2021

Lightweight, fully-customizable log library for C++17. Github repository Highlights Standard streams style operations Fully customizable message format with simple interface Level and predicate based conditional logging Quick Start #include "llogger.h" llogger ll(std::cout, llogger::info); ll(llogger::warning) << "Weather control device detected."; // [ 2021-10-04 22:40:47 ] WARNING: Weather control device detected. Conditional Logging Values in the log are costly to be eva...

Lite Logger

Apr 10, 2021

A USB-PD sink power supply built with no MCU.


May 17, 2021

A single-board computer based on Mediatek MT76x8 Wi-Fi SoC

Xassette IoT

Aug 24, 2021